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In a village there lived an old widow named mbok Sarni. Every day he spends his time alone, because mbok Sarni does not have a child. Actually, he wanted to have a child, to be able to help him work. One afternoon go to the forest to look for wood, and in the middle of the road mbok Sarni met with a huge giant. "Hey, where are you going?", Asked the Giant. "I just want to collect firewood, so let me pass", answer mbok Sarni. "Hahahaha ... you may pass after you give me a human child for

me to eat", said the Giant. Then mbok Sarni replied, "But I have no children". After mbok Sarni said that he did not have children and wanted to have children, then the Giant gave him cucumber seeds. The giant said, "O old lady, this I give you cucumber seeds. Plant this seed in your yard, and after two weeks you will have a child. But remember, hand it over to me after he was six years old. " After two weeks, the cucumber looked very fruitful and there was one big cucumber. Mbok Sarni then took it, and after it was split it was a very beautiful baby. The baby was later named Timun Mas. The more Timun Mas grew up, and mbok Sarni
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